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EU mandates EV charging stations along highways


Latest company news about EU mandates EV charging stations along highways
  • EV chargers will blanket EU highways in 2025
  • The chargers will be stationed every 37 miles
  • "The new law is a milestone": Transport politician

A new law in Europe will require electric vehicle charging stations, offering at least 150kW, every 37 miles along major highways.

The charging stations will be accessible in 2025.

“The new law is a milestone of our ‘Fit for 55’ policy providing for more public recharging capacity on the streets in cities and along the motorways across Europe,” said Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, Spanish minister of transport, mobility and urban agenda. “We are optimistic that in the near future, citizens will be able to charge their electric cars as easily as they do today in traditional petrol stations.”

The new regulation enables the transport sector to “significantly reduce its carbon footprint following today’s adoption on the alternative fuel infrastructure regulation.”

It will also make it much easier to EV owners to travel across Europe. Paying for the charge won’t require a subscription, either.

According to the news release, EV owners will be able to charge via card or contactless payment.

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